[ Rules I Think ]

1. Honestly, I don't really have experience with a variety of roleplays. That's why I prefer one nature related with my only character. (Sorry to disappoint some.)

2. If I don't receive a message from you in 2-3 days, I will remove you. Why even accept or request? Unless I see that you will be gone or you let me know, then I will accept that.

3. I enjoy having a conversation even between roleplays, it's lovely to get to know others! ^^ If you don't want that, no worries! ♡

4. I love Romance and Fantasy. A nice build up in it is just the best. But if you want something spicey right away, let me know. It all depends really.

5. I am not really into the more intense kinks. The main ones will be found in another blog post.

6. I do not like one liners what so ever. Like what am I suppose to do with one sentence?! I can do 5 sentences or more. Really depends on the other, sometimes I try to match their length of roleplay.

7. I still have so much to learn but excited to do so! I hope we can have a wonderful roleplay!

I do hope this wasn't too much. ^^; But if you have taken a look. Heart it for me will ya? ♡
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0 | Sep 14th 2021 20:17