The plot thickens: Arc

For the majority, the idea behind the server is exposure.

To each there are those that keep their secrets close, but there is meant to be a few hiding behind the curtain if you will, watching everything and the key is that nobody knows who it is or who (they) are. So everyone's lives are at jeopardy in some way or another, and it teaches everyone if they:

will you learn to forgive and forget?
will you divide or join together and conquer?

It's mainly about moving forward, deciding who your enemies and friends are and choosing how to accept yourself or denounce it. There's a lot to it than that, but this is all I have so far. The secrets themselves aren't revealed (from the past) for a reason, because I'd like to leave it open for assumption so that way there are also those that know absolutely nothing about what's going on or what has taken place. Since there are also those who aren't students, or are, but hadn't attended that high school. But then again, everyone comes here to escape themselves in some way form or fashion, and that will be when that side of exposure kicks in since... behind the scenes, somebody is making tabs on people.

Likely someone who is after mass destruction; a villain. On the other hand, it could also be someone testing people's limitations and seeing how far another will go to save themselves or someone else. There are supernaturals, but nobody is supposed to know that because of the veil. It's a little complicated, yet immersive.
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