❈` reasons not to date honey`❈

♡ I eat dessert before the main meal
♡ I don't like kids
♡ I have a spirit or some sort of supernatural being attached to me. I don't know, it seems a bit aggressive so you'd have to fight it or something
♡ Apparently I like to make my life as difficult as possible
♡ I'm touch sensitive. Don't even try to hold my hand without permission
♡ Workaholic
♡ And when I'm not busy you'll most likely catch me blackout drunk
♡ I can't park backwards. After getting my driving license (almost 3 years ago) I haven't even tried to park backwards because it scares me. On the other side I'm excellent at parallel parking :))
♡ I like to disappear a lot. One moment I'm in my hometown and the next moment you'll hear from me in a few months when I'm already in a completely different county and you had no clue about it.

To be added more ~
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