Survivor's Code


⁍⁍⁍ TRIGGER WARNING: This character is based in some dark themes. I mean it is the freekin apocalypse after all. Along with the usual zombie infestations, there will be mentions of drug abuse/ addiction, mental health issues, alcoholism, sexual abuse.

⁍⁍⁍ I require at least a para. Please, try to put a little effort into the story. Otherwise, what's the point?

⁍⁍⁍ If you add first, you message first. I promise I try to be a nice guy. But I have a hard time with social interactions, even if it's online. Hence my lack of friends. So, I'll rarely send the first message unless I've worked up the courage to add someone. I know that probably sounds pretty pathetic, but it's sadly the truth.

⁍⁍⁍ Decent spelling and grammar are appreciated. I understand if there's a typo here and there or a few mistakes. That's fine. Just don't send me gibberish in some kind of made-up language that even aliens wouldn't understand.

⁍⁍⁍ A little plotting is appreciated. Not saying we have to plot out every single little detail, but a little something to make sure we're on the same page would be nice.


⁍⁍⁍ I will only do MxM. My character is gay, though he's not exactly open about it.

⁍⁍⁍ Ships with chemistry preferred. Understand that Logan isn't going to be very trusting at first. He has a grim outlook on the world around him, even before the apocalypse happened. Not to say he is incapable of holding a decent relationship, just that he's put up a ton of walls around himself.
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