Arkaya, Mistress of souls

Name: Arkaya Soulestaire

Age: 9876 years

Gender: female

Race: demon

Realm of origin: Hell

Height: 1m81

Personality: Cunning, tricky, bossy, laid back

Likes: Souls, deals, obedience, Kataluna, ice cream

Dislikes: Idiots, winter, angel hunters

Arkaya isn’t the tallest of demons, standing at a regular 1m70 tall. She had rather pale, yet fair skin, coating her well defined, yet smaller figure and shape. She had well kept white hair that ran down her back in a pristine long braid. Her face was more rounded and a little elongated to the top and bottom. On top of her head, a distance above her large round crimson and piercing eyes stood 2 smaller white horns, indicating she was amongst the older demons. On her back, just like nearly all demons, she supportsa large and thing black tail. As for her outfit, she has 2 outfits between which she switches. Her first one consists of a red sweater, on top of which she wore a black business suit outfit that consisted of a skirt going right above her knees and a jumper that went on top. Underneath her skirt she wore black, knee-high stockings that were connected to clothing under her skirt. In her other outfit, she simply wore a red blazer and a full, black business suit, including a neat and thin black tie held in place by 3 silver tie-clippings. A skirt generally has her preference because she considers it more comfortable and comfy on her black tail with darted point.

Weapons and Tools:
She has a black whip infused with hellfire. Next tot hat, she wields a realm-blade called Gheishu. Geishu is a gold-bronze rod that can turn into a half-circular copesh. The halfcircle is engraved with the names and marks of the different circles of Hell. Geishu can slide down, making the handle spread out between the 2 ends of the blade, making the weapon a full half-cirlce. The handle can alsof lick over to turn the weapon into a blade that stands as an armguard giving the weapon good variety and uses to it.

Power and magic:
Arkaya’s most develloped magical trait is the power of a deal. There she offers a trade, in which she immediatly upholds her part of tyhe bargain. Through trickiness and clever wording, she always makes sure she gets the better part of the deal and in case her adversary doesn’t uphold their part of the bargain, their souls belong to Arkaya. Next tot hat, with Geisha, she can cross dimmensions. Her magic is recognised by a pinkish ephemeral cloud that flows wherever she uses her magic. This can be healing, draining souls or granting knowledge to others.

At the dawn of time, the Elder Gods created the 4 realms to counteract the death and nothingness of the eternal Void that ran rampant all throughout the cosmos. These realms, Hell, Earth, Heaven and the Spirit realm were able to coëxist and resist the nothingness and devellop into well develloped plains of existance where life flourished and death did too. It was here and then, straight into Hell that Arkaya’s story began. She was born and raised into Hell as one of the few Demon High Lords, a title reserved for only the strongest of demons. Despite this, she wasn’t able to take Hell as her own playgarden as Lucifer turned out stronger. Lucifer crowned herself Queen and reigned over Hell as the one Demon overlord, bringing order to an otherwise orderless realm. This wasn’t fitting of what Arkaya envisioned and after several failed attempts to take over Hell itself, she was banished by Lucifer to Earth and a single private castle back in Hell, due to the respect the Queen of Hell had towards Arkaya. Said respect, despite the animosity, goes 2 ways. Arkaya decided to make the best of it in Hell and found out she can make almost anything happen through a deal, which she considered the most delectible way of using her magic. Through the ages, she used this kind of magic to make deals and stack up favors from mortals and at the same time, build up a business empire, becoming one of the richest people on earth. Whenever she needs anything, she can either just buy it or cash in a favor, having her life set for her. This kept going until she met a curious person at a café. She was unlike anything she had seen before and anyone she has had before and knew she needed to make said person hers. After a first invite and first encounter, the girl lashed out and turned out to be an angel. The angel was hunted by other angels, so Arkaya offered her shelter in her home. There,n Arkaya met and fought many hunters, destroying them all until she got overwhelmed and swarmed. As she was about to loose her life, the angel ascended to an Archangel, saving her life. Now, the pair of them are looking to overthrow Heaven and install new and just leadership.
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