Aria Auberon

Name: Aria Auberon

Age: 18/Can change age dependent upon the roleplay

Sub/Dom: Total sub and sucker for being bottom
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian/Homosexual

Occupation: School Girl/Part time shop assistant in a book shop to earn extra money to get into medical school. It is her uncle's book shop

Appearance: Has blue hair, is short. Stands at about 5"3 and is a shapeshifter. She has powers and abilities to change her face very often

Personality: Stubborn at times, studious, rebellious teenager at times, smart, highly intelligent, very submissive. Is a total bottom and loves to be controlled. She is very shy, but once you get to know her, she will come out of her shell. She finds loyalty and trust very hard since she was put in Foster care and disowned by her family. She can't trust again easily because of her past family betrayal. Underneath it all, she is loving and has a warm heart. No matter how hard life gets, she will never give up and always achieve her goals


Horror Movies
Older women above the age of 35
Sound of rain pouring on her window
Heavy metal bands and going to concerts
Being dominated and controlled


Homophobic people
Rude people
Brussel Sprouts
Coffee or any other hot drink
Her parents

Background: Aria has had a tough life from the very start. Her mother is a snob who thrives on other people's happiness. Her mother is a successful businesswoman. Her father is a doctor. They live in Florida. Her father had built a foundation upon their family home of respect and loyalty. He had his own GP practice and was a well known member of the pillar community. Aria never had any brothers or sisters, just her. To this day forward she never knew why.

At 16, she found out she was a lesbian and a total sub and loved girls. She just wasn't interested in boys in that way. Her family disowned her for coming out, as they had their own original beliefs. Aria had to live in Foster care until she was 18 which she is now. She has her own little flat, and lives with her cat, spodge, her black and white one. She devotes all her time to exploring new activities and doing new and exciting things in her life. Her mother wanted to get to know her, and got in touch with endless letters but Aria ripped them up and threw them in the bin. She wanted to abandoned all her past and get on with her life. She has made lots of friends and confides in her best friend Sarah Gaynor. She was tempted to get into drug dealing and be part of a gang at 16 but her Uncle offered her a job at a bookshop, his business which made her see sense and awareness and steer away from this.

Attire: Wears black skinny pants and red and black pumps and band t shirts. When at school, she wears school uniform.


She wants to get into a top medical school and become a heart doctor.


Power to change faces
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