The Stellaverse Starring Stella All About

This series is a walk through the experience of the world of Stella this will allow you to get a better idea of what Stella is All About .

Name : I am Stella Kane , have various titles , goddess , princess , queen , flawless , perfection , beautiful , pretty etc.

Age : 21

DOB : December 25th

Association : I have created various things such as various holidays every single day , today on my Stellander today is love day , each day a new day .

I have two holiday after me

Hobbies : I enjoy writing , cooking , acting , modeling , anything center around me and music .

The most important to me : the most important thing to me I believe you are you you are the star in your life so I love myself more than anything and I put myself first .

I say stella alot I do speak in the third person because stella is larger than life it's awesome a word that means the highest achievement a stella day is the best day and acourse I put my name in front anything because Stella is above everything so stella experience mean no one is better you get the best .

I love myself and stellanation stellanation is anyone who with stella rather it's my fans my friends so I want them to get the best experience we are at the top .

What I dislike I don't dislike anything because I am so into myself to care about what there doing I enjoy attention but I don't crave validation I give myself a ego boost more than anyone else can , so other doesn't shake my confidence I know I am awesome .

Another thing I know I am the most beautiful woman in the world but that's not what makes me the best I am also highly intelligent wealthy powerful I am physical strong and athletic I am great in every exspect .

I am from LA , beveryy hills it's hard to say I travel a lot so I lived lots of places .

I only shows what I want to show behind the scenes lots of stuff happens .

My favorite show is PLL

Favorite movie is whatever I make

Favorite character Meredith

Favorite song All About me , because it's fit my theme the ego screams Stella .

Favorite celebrity after me Chelsea kane because she plays Meredith plus her last name is kane so .

And this has been the Stella introduction .
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