Time goes by, she started going to school more often while also following lessons to learn how to write and read. Overall very busy days at the beginning but she doesn't complain, she wants to learn to please her new family, always with the fear they might send her away.

She starts practicing music in particular, as she is the kind of knight that needs it to develop powers properly. The instruments are many, she is also unsure what most sound like and eventually she chooses violin. They buy her her own and she starts using it even at home. But. Old Luo hears terrible sounds coming from her room and tells her to go to practice somewhere else.
She goes out as ordered but doesn't really know where she could do it without bothering anyone else. She is wandering in the city, holding her violin box.
She wears a hanfu, black with light blue decorations, tight on sleeves and not too long but her legs are covered.
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GamJa "You could be right, I have no experience at all. It is only a shame if you get to seriously like someone and cannot do things as you'd like because you are already married.
I play it but I'm not good, I just started and I'm so bad grandpa told me to train it somewhere else..." She closes the box again.
"SangPil and Deidara. I think they called each other that way while in the bedroom.
Luo family. I thought they were famous.
You have to get to like the look too. The good features, anyone will have at least one."
NoQi «I want some stability in my life and I know that I won't get any peace until I am married. I don't want to be forced to accept some cheap offering out of desperation, so to speak.» Her worries are quite concrete for a Xuanghen young woman.
«This grandpa is really unpleasant. Don't you take classes for it?»
She blinks as she says that thing about SangPil and Deidara.
Even °At least you don't want to betray someone you like.
It takes time to get experienced to something, I am not into music so I cannot be of help.
In the bedroom? It would be better not to reveal private things like that...
Yeah I know the family.
You should be in the condition to refuse a marriage you don't want. The emperor is against people who gets forced, ask of me if you need help I am a general.°
GamJa "You basically need a man to live even decently in Xuanghen...might be the reason why all those same gender relationships of men are so successful and rich.
I do but..." The teacher somehow gets her very distracted - QiTan - . XD "I still need to get better. The sound is not good, I created a very odd bubble through it.
They were talking in the bedroom. They are married so it shouldn't be shameful."
NoQi «I wouldn't betray someone I don't like. If I made a choice I will be committed to it. Besides, it's clear my future husband is not someone to play with.»
She sighs. «It can be true, when you are from a decayed family. With very few resources left…»
She raises a brow. «A bubble? Are you sure the instrument is working right?»