━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━river grey━☂☄

Name:River Grey (Just call him Grey if calling him River is too weird)

Personality:River has trust issues which makes sense once you get to know his backstory but other than that, he is very loving and cuddly. He's just a little awkward.
Likes:Kisses, dreaming, being comforted, , rock music, snuggling
Dislikes:Slapping, needles, sour things
Mental Disorders/Illnesses (Optional):Anxiety, depression
Skills:Knows how to lie, shoot and can make out pretty well
Weaknesses:Often panic attacks
Extra fact:His giggling is cute

Backstory:River's parents divorced when he was six years old. River then stayed with his mom. The reason why River's parents divorced is due to his father often abusing them mentally and sometimes physically. When River was 12, he was lured into a car by some random guy who said he knew his mother. He was coming home from school and this stranger said he will give him a ride home. River trusted this and actually went into his car. The man drove to River's father's house instead where he was forced to stay for two weeks. After that, he was about to be sold on a black market but luckily, cops have found him and arrested him for human trafficking. He was then returned to his mother but since then he suffered often panic attacks followed by nightmares. (Even tho he has nightmares, he loves dreaming.) Since then, he carries his gun everywhere in case something like this will happen ever again. It takes time for him to trust you.
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River I Guess.