The Cat Whisperer

“Aren’t cats…the greatest?...”

>Basic info<
Name: Ahyan Soto
Age: 18-19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Species: Human
Position: Switch (Submissive Lean)

Hair colour: Black
Hairstyle: Short/Wavy
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5’6”
Clothes: He enjoys comfy and loose clothing, big t-shirts and sweaters and wears jeans all the time.
Nationality and Ethnicity: Japanese, Greek

He is normally very calm and relaxed. Ahyan loves to sleep and nap, or just plain relax with his cats. He’s very laid back and honest about things. Though he doesn’t care about a lot of things, he’s genuine with what he says. It can come off as rude, but he has no intention of being rude. Ahyan’s voice is gentle, quiet, and soft.

Surprisingly, he’s a pretty good fighter. He took self-defence classes when he was little, and continued those classes to this day. He may not be the brightest, but he can at least stand up for himself and others.

>Combat/Self Defense<
Weapons: Normally his hands.
Armor: N/A
Magic: N/A
Fighting style: He approaches a fight calmly, usually smiling or using an innocent expression to throw his opponent off guard. To Ahyan, it’s not such a big deal.
Fighting Position: Normally front, but if he’s too tired then mid or ranged.

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