Sweet-Toothed Incubus

“Daw, keep your chin up or your crown’s gonna fall off.”

>Basic info<
Name: Floyd Bolton
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Species: Unknown (Possibly Incubus)
Position: Switch (Dom Lean)

Hair colour: Green
Hairstyle: Short/Messy
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5’8”
Clothes: He adores bright and trendy outfits or anything with a pattern/logo.
Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Korean

He’s very outgoing and loud, hyper and energetic. He doesn’t hesitate to lie and isn’t very loyal, but overall a fun guy to be around. He is a ‘demon’, so he can be a bit odd and bizarre to humans. Floyd is just very...out there, it seems like he’s never tired.

Being not human, his skills are abnormal. He does have a strength advantage, and a stamina advantage but he has his weak points. Though great stamina, he is not the quickest person ever. He acts more like a tank, being able to take damage better, but avoiding or dodging it is not his forte.
He can get into someone’s mind if he tries hard enough, he can be a rapid killer in seconds—though rather slow on the ground, in the air he’s quick.

>Combat/Self Defense<
Weapons: (See Magic)
Armour: N/A
Magic: Deadly Enchantment - A de-buffing magic. Able to inflict only one de-buff (i.e. less strength, slowness, nausea, et cetera)
Conjugation - If the recipient agrees, he can temporarily take a small fraction of their soul (if living) and use it as a boost to his base abilities.
Fatal Slaughter - Finishing move. When his opponent is injured and weak enough, he can start harnessing their soul or energy, allowing him to deliver the final, powerful strike.
Fighting style: Lazy, almost as if he isn’t even trying—and he’s not. When he has no significant reason to fight or kill someone, he doesn’t see the point in trying. There’s nothing to motivate him.
Fighting Position: Front, always.

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