The Dragon-Born

“Up top! Too slow, hehe~.”

>Basic info<
Name: Fang Yu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Dragon Hybrid
Position: Switch (Dom Lean, never tried submissive)

Hair colour: Dark teal
Hairstyle: Wavy, uneven
Eye colour: Yellow
Height: 5’4”
Clothes: Very chic and stylistic, likes to show off his skin or wear clothes that fit tightly against his body.
Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Chinese

Very teasing and bold. He loves to mess and play with people, and confuse or annoy them. He has a great deal of confidence and knows what he’s looking for. Along with being brutally honest, he’s also a tad bit sadomasochistic.

Enhanced durability and strength. Despite his small frame, he is quite strong (way stronger than he looks.)
He can also summon a pair of strong, big wings similar to that of a dragon’s. These can be used for defense or flight.

>Combat/Self Defense<
Weapons: Dual-wielded blades
Armor: N/A
Magic: Sharp Infusion - the blades he holds are infused with a certain time of magic. This allows the blades to be infused with elements he is close to. (For example, if it is raining, he can infuse the Hydro element into the blades.)
Scolding Flames - able to exhale small amounts of fire, or summon it with his hands.
Fighting style: Playful and spontaneous—he likes to tease his opponent and mess with them as much as possible.
Fighting Position: Front, always

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