Werewolf Info

Information about these werewolves if you are confused.

Werewolves will live in their own packs, that are much like towns or cities depending on size.
A werewolves will get its Wolf when they are 16. Then they can shift (which is turning into a actual Wolf) and unlock their powers. Then when they are 18 they will find their Mate.

Finding a Mate is one of the most beautiful things. Your Mate will have a certain smell to them that drives you wild, and once you find them you will not want to let them go. You can “mark” your Mate by biting the part where their neck and shoulder meet. This is very intimate and can cause orgasms, but not always.
Some wolves have died after losing their Mate, whether it be from death or rejection.

Yes, you can reject your Mate. But it is very painful to do so. Your Mate has to accept the rejection for it to work.

Example: “I (Your Full Name), of the (Your Pack), Reject you, (Their Full Name), of (Their Pack), as my Mate.”

“I (Their Full Name), of the (Their Pack), accept your rejection, (Your Full Name) of (Your Pack)

Now let me break down some of the names.

Mate: Your soulmate. The one and only person the goddess intends on you being with.

Alpha: The Male Wolf in charge of his pack.

Luna: The Female Wolf, married to the Alpha, also in charge.

Beta: Alpha’s second in command.

Gamma: Alpha’s third in command.

Pups: Babies.

Shift: When you transform into your wolf form.

Links/Mind Link: The Alpha and Luna are able to talk to everyone and have everyone talk to them within their mind. As well are Mates. These are mostly used when you shift. These can be open and shut off at any time. You can only use mind links once you get your wolf.

Any more questions please ask!
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