Cosima Galais

Name: Cosima Galais

Nicknames: Cosi, Cos (You can make more if you like)

Ancestry: 8th Daughter of the Scarlet King

Age: Physically 37, Actual Unknown

Faceclaim: Stella Maxwell

Height: 5'3

Build: Athletic and petite

Eye Color: Left eye Icy blue, no right eye.

Hair Color: A golden blonde that has faded to a dirty blonde from age.

Distinguishing Features: Several scars littering her body, all fully healed on 90% of her body.

Occupation: Secondary Goddess of the Underworld

Sexuality: Pansexual

Skills/Talents: Teleportation, Chlorokinesis, Flight.

Likes: Pain, Death, Large Scaled Wars, Torture, Meat, Good Aftercare.

Dislikes: Being used without proper consent, Pink, unworthy people, forced into stupid situations.

Extra Info:She's a very demonic goddess, being the wife of Hades she can become very graphic depending on the situation. She does talk to mortals but she usually prefers to see if they are worthy to even get more interaction with her.
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