Aya and Enyo Morningstar Moon

Character Name: Aya Morningstar Moon
Character Switch Name: Enyo Morningstar Moon

Age: 21
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Sitting in the house by an open window, summer breezes, laying in the shade with a nice strawberry lemonade, cats, face hold.
Dislikes: People with bad intentions, cold water, slugs
Aya was born to Athena Morningstar and Solaris Moon, two powerful fighters who fell in love after a huge battle which wiped out a small state. Power in combat was a given to her as she was powerful indeed. She was given a morningstar weapon at age 6 and has used them since. Aya regularly fights to help release her anger at times but doesn't use her weapon to kill. She normally carries her weapon in her bag, it being the only thing she keeps with her besides her phone. At age 18, she left home to become a powerful fighter and has never been home since. At age 20, she had a battle with another powerful weapon master, who had beat her. The loss of the battle caused her emotions to shift and her mind to stop. She developed her spilt personality, Enyo, who craves battle and the urge to kill while Aya tries to keep herself out of battles and works on helping others.
Aya's Lava Quirk Explained:
Aya can control any fire and lava and also create lava out of the earth. She uses her emotions to power it. Depending on the color can show how hot it is. Red is a common heat while Blue can melt anyone and anything within a meter radius. She is able to use the magma within the earth but it can cause her bones to melt if she uses it for more than 5 minutes.

Aya's Switch:
Aya created Hestia to cope with all the trauma that has happened in her life. When she switches, her eyes turn blue and she is normally much calmer. Enyo tends to not speak much while Aya calms down but can come out in order to protect Aya when she does not see the other person's intentions.
Aya wields a Morningstar in combat. The weapon takes shape of a giant metal spiked ball on long metal chains. She can use both the ball and the chains for offense as they're both capable of dealing devastating injuries to her opponents. In fantasy roleplays, Aya also has a lava kind of quirk. She can heat her body and the things around her as well. Her hair can form into lava when she is steadlied angered or wishes to use her power at max. A cost of her doing this is she switches into her altered personality, Enyo, who craves violence at times and will work to make sure Aya's body stays safe while she battles and to be sure she uses the best tactics in combat.
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