Roleplay Plot Ideas.

Some Plot Ideas if we can’t think of any.

1.) I am the daughter of an Alpha from another pack. I have been dating your younger brother (from your pack), who has tricked me into thinking he is my mate. Once I turn 18 I learn he had lied to me the hole time, (or catching him cheat). He will come to my 18th birthday to sabotage it and convince me to get back together. You tag along for whatever reason. Soon we find out we are Mates. Your brother goes ballistic, declaring us his enemies, and running away. We try to live a normal life as Alpha and Luna of your pack, but your brother has become King of the Rogues, who’s one goal is to see us dead.

2.) My pack was destroyed in a Rogue attack. I, only a Omega, manage to escape to a neighboring Pack who take me in. The Alpha and Luna in turn make me the maid and treat me very poorly. They abuse me and torment me. This could go one of two ways. A- Their son is holding a ceremony to become Alpha where packs, including yours, are invited. We meet and realize we are Mates. You learn about the abuse and mistreatment and whisk me away. Once word is out that I am gone, the Pack is made to hunt me down to “take care of me”.
OR B- I get fed up and run away from the pack, stumbling into yours. At first you are very angry of an intruder but soon realize we are Mates. I tell you the horrible things that pack had done to me, and you decide then and there that they will pay, with their blood.

3.) You and I belong to the same pack, you are the Alpha and my older brother will be your Beta. We grew up together. And on my 18th birthday we discover we are Mates. But you aren’t excited about it, not wanting to give up the life style you have of having multiple women. So you reject me, but I do not accept your rejection. I want us to be together. So you give up on me. You ignore me, let me walk in on you with other females, all that. After days of torture I finally decide that I will accept your rejection. Only then you realize how much it hurts. As I try to run from our pack, you try to win me back.

4.) You have never been capable of love. All your life growing up as the future alpha you have been trained to only kill. Now that you are Alpha, you have done your fair share of killing and blood shed. But once we meet and realize we are Mates. It’s difficult for you to figure out these feelings. So while we are on the brink of war with the Rogues, I will teach you how to love.

Now remember these are just ideas. If you have something better tell me! If not we can come up with something!
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