RP Rules

These are my rules for RolePlaying. I’m very strict with these so please read carefully.

1.) I will only Roleplay with People 18+. So please do not add/message me is you are below 18.

2.) I will only Roleplay werewolves who are mated to one another. If you don’t know anything about Werewolves. Please do research. Find the blog post where I talk about it. Or just ask me. Seeing you willing to learn says a lot.

3.) Which brings me to this- I will not Roleplay with females. I want to only do romance RPs and I am not sexually attracted to females. I’m sorry.

4.) If you add, you message. If I add, I message.

5.) I have a list of Rp ideas to choose from, you can come up with your own, or we can discuss.

6.) Do not come in character. I would like to talk out a plot and discuss the Roleplay before doing anything.

7.) I will only do Para, Semi Para, or Novella. If you do not want to, then I’m sorry.

8.) NO ANTHROS! I will not Roleplay as or with humanoid animals.

9.) I will NOT only do er*tica. We need a plot!

10.) I will not have s*x with you in wolf form. I can’t believe I even have to say that.

I’m not trying to be a jackass but I want to enjoy RolePlaying so I’m not bored and leaving after a day :/
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4 | Jul 21st 2021 23:38