given name : amane yusei
alias : yusei
nickname : ama, yuyu (by jiho)
age : twenty-one years (031400)
gender : male (he/him)
place of birth : osaka, jpn
residence : seoul, sk
ethnicity : japanese
nationality : japanese
race : asian
occupation : lead singer of a band!
spoken languages : japanese, korean, currently learning english.
- contrary to his appearance, yusei's voice is quite gentle and warm, gaining a somewhat cute dialect when he speaks in his first language.

#2 : appearance
face claim : nakamoto yuta of nct
hair color : dyed dark blue.
hair type : naturally straight, yet styles it often.
eye color : dark brown.
vision : wears contacts to correct his nearsightedness
height : 6'0" ( 183 cm )
weight : 154 lbs ( 70 kg )
skin tone : has a honey hue.
skin condition : clear, takes good care of it.
markings : n/a
scars : one on his right hip, one on his left pinky.
body modifications : multiple tattoos, tongue piercing, belly button piercing, ear piercings, nail polish.

# 3 : personal info
orientation : bisexual / biromantic
sexual preference: vers switch depending on the partner.
# personality ( extended ) : yusei tends to be the kind of person who would rather not acknowledge his own feelings simply because it makes them real. he's not necessarily the kindest soul, though it's not out of negative intentions. instead he's the kind of person who simply just doesn't trust easily due to his own past issues. he tends to only acknowledge his emotions if they are extremes, whether stemming from love or hate. he seems to be under the impression that genuine happiness is not something meant for him, instead grabbing onto the bits and pieces that people will give him and never wanting to ask for anything more.

# 4 : quirks / trivia
- he wants cats! also has a small dog named miso.
- never left his emo phase, if you couldn't tell.
- finds enjoyment in painting his nails.
- has never had a long-lasting relationship.
- does tarot readings.

# 5 : miscellaneous
admin : nico
pronouns : he/him
admin marks : //, always irp unless these r used!
disc : irp # orp, is over 18. open to any rps!
rp style : third person descript ( flexible )
extra : yusei is a remake!
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