ʚ rules ɞ

⇢ Don’t start with a random starter or come to me in-character.
⇢ Come to with at least a basic idea of what you want.
⇢ Respect my boundaries and I will respect yours.
⇢ Don’t rush me for a response. The password is mochi.
⇢ I will not roleplay as premade OCs unless they are my own.
⇢ I will not do a roleplay with character that are outright furries/animals.
⇢ Two paragraphs minimum, one paragraph if the scene is dialogue-heavy.
⇢ Third person-past tense in a novel style only (i.e. "she walked over the bridge")
⇢ At least a basic idea for a plot is required before jumping into a roleplay.
⇢ Have at least a basic understanding of the roleplay setting, or be willing to do research.
⇢ I'm fine with sm//t and romance but I don’t want it to be the main focus of the story
⇢ Under no circumstances will I roleplay incest, large age gaps, or abusive relationships.

If you read everything then click the ♡ and, if I accept you, tell me the hidden password
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