Descendants OC (Ariel's Little Siren)

Name: Princess Ember
Nicknames: Em, Mermaid Princess, Ariel's Lookalike, Rebel Princess, Water Princess, Siren, Princess Siren
Relatives: Queen Ariel (mother), King Eric (father), Queen Athena (grandmother), King Triton (grandfather)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Mermaid Human Hybrid
Abilities: can breathe underwater, has a mermaid form, manipulate water, can speak to animals, singing in her mermaid form can be used to put others in a trance
Backstory: Ember was born as the daughter of Ariel and Eric. Of course they raised her in Auradon as they were friends with Belle and Beast. She grew up as a wonderful princess who was super kind and caring just like her mother Ariel. She was going to make her own way in life and was quite prone to getting into trouble as she was always a troublesome little girl. She always got what she wanted but she would never use it against others like Aubrey. She was popular in Auradon and truly wanted to stand out from the shadow of her parents as sometimes being a princess didn't exactly sound like the best life to her. So maybe with some help she can be who she really is.
Likes: Swimming, Relaxing, Partying, Singing, Making Clothes, Playing with Animals
Dislikes: Bullies, Seaweed, Being Alone, Showing Her Mermaid Form
Theme Song: Ordinary Girl ~ H2O Theme Song
Face Claim: Madelaine Petsch
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