"You're disgusting. You'll never find someone who loves you. Do you think gay people find love? No. Especially not scrawny little boys who have a sh*t mouth on them."

Even if JinWoo agreed with his mother's boyfriend, he'd never tell him that. Never would he give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had told himself all of those things over and over again. That he sat up at night trying to silence the voice in his head that told him he'd be alone forever. Forgotten, and used as he had already gotten used to. Passed around, never kept. Already at eighteen JinWoo had a taste of the life he'd run away to live. Exchanging sex for money, or nice clothes, or food at lunch. Even if it all got wasted. The sex terrible, the clothes never fit, the food thrown up. Anything was better than the empty pit in his chest that grew each time the man he lived with reminded him that he'd be this way forever.

None of that mattered as he packed a duffle bag. He filled it to the brim with the little clothes he did have and cat food and toys for ember. She was his. Her name fitting. JinWoo's only light in his sh*tty little dark hole. She was coming with him. Where? He hadn't figured that out yet. Anywhere was better than where he was. It didn't even matter that it was raining. Thunder rocking the house as he pushed open his bedroom window and carefully climbed out. One hand on the windowsill, the other holding Ember as close to him as possible as not to get her wet. Flashes of lightning guiding his way down the back alley towards the bus stop. Dirty money paid his way to the city.

It took him only a few days to find a place to live. A man by the name of Kim SooMin would offer him a job as a male escort. "Your skin is like flower petals, you'll make great money." He would tell JinWoo. More than half of his profit would go to rent, and only God knew what else. It left JinWoo just enough to buy his Redbull, and feed Ember. Despite that, he no longer had the weight of his mother or her boyfriend on his shoulder. Now, he only had to deal with his own head. Which he would. The same way he always did.

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