Her lessons are over but she cannot leave on her own and family is still working. She is unsure what to do in the wait, so she starts wandering in the school.
She is a bit thoughtful. She finally was explained by Min what happened to XueBao and feels extremely bad. She wanted to go to see him but she was also told they cannot force the truth into him.
She bumps distractedly into your characters in the corridors of the school.
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JiuZhu «There has always been and there will always be.» Even if his element is Knowledge, the subject is making him quite bored.
«I don't know, maybe other Avatars of Jeisin would be able to make more blessings, or he will simply gain his memories back. Only time will tell.» He hopes no more blessings around.
«You would have to get close to people who are familiar with the Empire, who live there, to be safe.»
River "If they are able. The knowledge of WuNing on the matter cannot be easily compared.
Shi...he might gain them back but without a treatment, he can really change? I don't have high hopes, but as long as he is happy and healthy...I might be overthinking. It is just that he is my brother. I could count on him the most, in the past.
They are not from the Empire? I thought they were. Even if I didn't meet Shotaro again here." XD
JiuZhu «It would be a terrible loss for the world, if that knowledge really has gone forever…» But it would make his life easier. He really wishes the blessing at the entrance of Shiinden will disappear, so he will be able to return there.
«Sadly I have no way to know what could be done about It. I am not knowledgeable enough, yet.» He looks down.
«I don't know them, beside WonZi. But he is a little too young, I fear.» Shotaro goes one day every three.
River "Shi, that's it...he was the first to figure out but hopefully not the last? Even knights with Life could achieve it eventually? We can only wait and see."
Tsk, the blessings are one of these people disliking Meng Yao regardless everything he went through.
I didn't want to bother you to find a solution. I know there is no one, we can only make sure it doesn't worsen with a third personality.
He is very young regardless his look. He is almost as tall as me." But that's not hard at all, she is 1.60.
JiuZhu He shrugs. «The only person who could have some answers to these questions is Brilliance Overgrowth Lord, probably.»
Blessings would push him off the stairs if they only could.
«I wish that the situation will turn out for the best with your brother and your whole family.» He bows his head. He doesn't have a grudge for Ning, so he doesn't wish him bad.
«He is only 1 year old, that I know. Children tend to grow up very fast in body, in Shiinden.»