Character Bio: Scarlett Turner (OC)

Name: Scarlett Isobel Turner
Age: 41 (Post Dead Men Tell No Tales) 22 (Physically)
Curse: Vampirism
Eye Color: Yellow (Vampire) Green (Human)
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5’7”
Abilities: Superhuman Strengh, Speed, and Immortality.
Weaknesses (known): Sunlight & Fire


Scarlett Isobel Turner is the Daughter of Bootstrap Bill Turner and Half Sister of William Turner. She was conceived just before Bootstraps pact with Davy Jones and born to a Courtesan on Tortuga. Scarletts upbringing was not a pleasant one as she frequently witnessed her Mother battered and bruised by the men that would frequent the island and eventually had to learn how to fend for herself.

She became quite the little thief and attracted the attention of a Pirate Captain who took her in under his wing. She sailed under him for many years until one day she discovered a secret. The Captain never came out of his quarters during the day and she had eventually discovered he was cursed by a very dark magic. One that turned him into a cannibal. A Vampire. As she eventually discovered.

One night she had been on the deck and he had invited her into his quarters and told her of his curse personally. He told her of the strengths and abilities and of the weaknesses that he endured. Her whole life she had felt powerless and asked the Captain to make her like him. Which was something he was hesitant to do, but he eventually resigned and asked that in return she end his life and take command of his vessel. The two parties mutually agreed and both deeds were done.

Discovering her power she reigned over her new ship and crew for several years before learning of a ship called the Flying Dutchman and that her Father Bill Turner supposedly served aboard it. She resented her Father for never being there for her or her Mother, so she made it her mission to find him and make him pay for leaving her afraid, alone and starving as a child.
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