Their fight finished as usual, they finished at bed, he finally revealed to Deidara the problem about Jiko. He suffered in Cloud Recesses because if the diet and at the beginning he really risked to bite Deidara, that is why SangPil preferred not to make them stay too near.
Jiko is a little better because Christoph helped him to overcome the problem of thirst.

Deidara still decided that he should know better the other Pils and Yung, so he invited that part of the family for a party. Yeah maybe he would need to talk with the orcs to know what SangPil was like and know him more but they are disgusting....

The party is in the house of Snake at 20.
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Sand "Shi, also the whole place, cursed farts or something like that. That's what she used to say." Ishida and Yama hate each other almost since the beginning of time.
"Old men usually like company, telling tales, complaining... meiyou?"
He starts preparing trays, also several dishes for LaNi, just to be a good lickass mostly. "Take something, XiongZhang."
WonPil «Jinjja? You own whole outfits? And your man prepares your clothes for you?» The shocking revelations.
«Why not? He can't handle alcohol? Had I known, I would have brought some champagne for children.» The cherry one.

LaNi. «He didn't even force you to become an IA, I don't know how to interpret it. He either adores you or dislikes you the most.»
He nods. «I see. Maybe she met some shinobi, after all. Was she Hiro's lover at one point?» He doesn't know all the details of the shinobi history.
«He only likes to torment me with IA stuff.»
He takes food without any hesitation of course. That's how you buy him, indeed.
Dark_Lord Deidara.
°Well that is real too.
Not him, he us really few times at home lately.
It is because I am a shinobi, he would accept me in IA?
Maybe he likes you too much that he doesn't want you to go away.°

°I was joking, I prepare myself what I should wear and I was supposed to wear something more. But I feel good even this way.
Aniyo, he shouldn't drink alcohol but for nothing he can and I don't want him to try this or everything will start again.°
Sand "Grandfather died very long time ago in war...who is this Hiro? I might have heard even this name. Someone named like that killed one of my most respected ancestors.
That's probably part of it too. He is convinced you have to do it and he'll continue to torment you."
He fills LaNi's dish from time to time then looks at Deidara. "DaGe, you can bring this food, it is ready."
WonPil «We are all family, anyway. But if the old one is going to come, then he will have something to say about it for sure.» And since they are closely related, Sao can't enjoy the sight.
«I still don't understand why he can't drink. He is addicted to it?»

LaNi. «Hiro is a legendary shinobi who is said to have had at least a child of every race in the universe, but like all legends, it's probably fake.» With a bottom of truth. «It could have been him, that'd be very shinobi.» Not all the ancestors can have been killed by Jiang Cheng.
«I don't want to talk about IAs, why do we have to talk about it even now… everything has to always go wrong nowadays...»