What I learned here my first day.

A variety of people requested being my friend. I accepted most. A huge percentage of males wanted er*t*c scenes. I'm not here for er*t*ca. If a story goes that way and its logical, I won't be descriptive. Ill try to let it happen and move on to the next scene. Horror plots may include my being raped but I would fight and then cry. It will not be enjoyable. If the story Was good. Ill proceed. So far I've been a damsel in distress, that one hopefully continues. I've also offered to help someone out of a bad situation. That one is hopefully continuing as well. There is an element of the supernatural involved in both, but my character is always human. Unless I'm killed and become a ghost I guess. I just turned 18, I will add friends under that age, but again I'm not into er*t*ca. I can play a high school senior or older female. In one weird role play I'm being bullied and have to wear a diaper but no one in the role play is under 18. Its a college initiation story. Underage sex is just wrong in here. I'm new to this. I try and make the story work, otherwise.

5 days later , only one has continued so far.
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4 | Jun 10th 2021 11:00