rules / read before interacting

1: judas is blunt and sometimes doesn't consider other's feelings - if that bugs you then don't interact. i don't walk on eggs shells and neither will my character.

2: strictly ic when interacting, i don't mind ooc but at the same time i just prefer ic. no ooc drama goes with this rule as well.

3: no banging off the bat or romance right away. let's build it and see where sh*t goes. judas is a flirt and will flirt right away but he isn't one to just dive into it. take me on a date first type sh*t.

4: writer is 20. only will interact with 18+ - there will be n*fw things posted and talked about here. that be in sh*tposts or drabbles. if u don't like p0rn don't interact n delete lmao,, horny on main all the time

5: might be a lot of triggering content. i don't put warnings on many things cause i don't realize it until after that it could be triggering. i don't get triggered very easily myself and forget to put sh*t. if i offend you, trigger you or do anything to upset you, i truly apologize.

6: don't control judas.

7: don't message me just: wanna roleplay? it's why we all here. to write. i rarely plot things out or discuss sh*t, i prefer to go with the flow and just wing it. send me a random starter. judas can fit in any scenario, that's the whole point of him.

8: i can be pretty selective. i have auto accept on, so even if you are accepted - there is a chance i won't reply. i usually respond to everyone but hey, it is what it is. don't spam me or get upset.

9: i tend to send banter messages at first - a simple oneliner with *action* that turns into paragraph(s). i write third person but experiment with first from time to time.

10: writer goes by he/him. respect that or go away.

11: highkey distracted at times, don't rush or i won't reply.

kik: judearse
discord: sugarcrash#4871
twitter: judass420
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4 | Jun 10th 2021 10:14