Meet the Admin.

Hello everyone. This post, as promised will be about me. Everything you'll need to know about me.

I'm a 20 year old transgender female. I'm currently on HRT and have been since February of this year. Tabi is NOT my character, though I do enjoy roleplaying as Tabi as he is my kind of character, (Kind, but at the same time has a very harsh and hostile side to his personality if rubbed the wrong way)

I'm currently In a relationship. It has been going on 8 years (On the 17th).

I have multiple other characters with varying personalities from the relentlessly sweet to the bitterly evil. Storywriting is my passion and I also wish to get better with music, as it's been my coping mechanism since I was little.

I do currently have another account on this site that I roleplay on as well, though it's not nearly as active:
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1 | Jun 5th 2021 11:39