On one thing, WuNing was right, but not on the fact LaNi got promoted. To Sao, promotions aren't something light or to play with, he wouldn't use it not even if he was certain that the promoted would consider it a punishment.
Instead, he made LaNi a full-duty IA.

Before, he gave a privileged role to him, that he could work only 4 nights per week and just on investigation duty.
But what he grants he can take back, especially when he gets angry — and he really is an evil person who doesn't give a damn about fairness.
Bring a full-duty IA does not only mean that LaNi will now have to work every night of the week, but also that he will have to carry on also all the other duties an Imperial Assassin is supposed to: raid, executions, interrogations.
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Peachii «Bad news for you: there is sand all over the sea and it's already getting all over you while you walk in the water, as you move it from the seabed!»
He covers his mouth as if to retrain a puke. «Fried… gods, I don't feel so well.» He has to sit down at the thought of something so fat.
«Covet yourself with sand so that nobody will see anything.»
Coconut "I'm not watching at all. Nothing I am interested into...I am into women only." Biggest lie ever :v
"You are a wire, Shisui. Eating that way won't grant anything to build muscular mass.
It is not annoying like that. What's annoying is when it gets inside your clothes.
You'll understand only if you try them, TiShan."
KIWII °I cannot not agree with that, there is only sand here.
Into women? Then you look only on the appearance? In theory your soul mate could be a man or a woman, because it depends on the soul.
I know, it is more difficult but I cannot give up, that is the food I want to eat.
That is why I took off my shirt also because of the sand.°
Peachii «You say that so much that maybe one day you will start to believe it too.» He doesn't buy these things.
«You think it won't get into your clothes? You will find sand even inside your darkest crevices.
Tell him, ShiSui. He is so superficial he won't even understand!» He and ShiSui are agreeing so much it's worrying.
Coconut "You two are even teaming up against me? I would have expected anything but not you and TiShan.
You take the concequences on your skin of what your diet brings. are going overboard. My tastes shouldn't concern you! I didn't ask you to organize me a blind date!
You two are scary...I will go to swim and leave you two to your privacy if you want."