What in the fairy f??

It's early morning when suddenly someone knocks on the door of Yung manor. It's two messengers from the Seelie Court, sent by the Queen herself to formally invite Sao to a special competition meant to occur that same day, in the Fairyland. He is told that his grandson, WonPil, also known as Prince Caelean will participate to the competition between the Courts.

Although reluctant, after they assure him that due to the difference in the speed of time, he'd be missing from home for just a few minutes, he accepts to follow them.
The Seelie take him in the Court through the closest passage from his manor and they lead the way through the magical forest surrounding the Seelie territories. They walk for a time Sao doesn't manage to count, in that confusing environment, but doesn't complain. In a way, he is fascinated and he always wanted to see this so-called Queen said to be WonPil's mother.
They finally reach a wide, open valley where a crowd is already waiting.

There aren't chairs or benches, everyone except for the Seelie Queen, on that side or the audience, are supposed to sit or lie on the grass. The Unseelie are on the opposite side, at quite a distance from the others.
The Seelie Queen is sat on a throne, just as much as the Unseelie King, but their design is very different.
There aren't great interactions between Sao and the Queen, she only tells him to not drink nor eat anything while there, or neither herself nor her son will be responsible of him being stuck in Fairyland. Just to be quite hostile, both her and WonPil would have the authority to release him.

Sao doesn't sit, but waits with crossed arms on his chest while standing aside.
When finally WonPil and the Unseelie Prince make their appearance, by the starting area of the competition, their images are projected in the sky, at the work of some warlocks. It's like huge screens on the sky, with different distances and angles to follow the princes and make sure the audience won't miss the actions when the contenders will get out of sight.

At a first sight, Sao almost didn't recognize WonPil. He gives a totally different vibe than usual. He stands in a straight and proud pose next to the Unseelie Prince, not looking any less than the other in dignity and charisma.
His hair are longer, a little over the shoulders, decorated by small braids locked with golden threads and little flowers. He is not wearing an armour or protections, just a fairy outfit that reflects the colours of the summer season approaching, like every other Seelie, including the Queen.
WonPil has bow and quiver on his back, as well as a long sword, in fairy style too. Even from far, his body looks more fit than it has ever been, although he didn't increase in mass. His muscles, under the tight, light clothes are clearly tonic.

The General glances at the Queen from time to time, seeing that she keeps smirking proudly. Himself is still not impressed, regardless the apparent changes in WonPil's appearance, but he has a feeling she summoned him just to show off.
Gwynn of the Wild Hunt is supposed to be the arbiter for the competition between the Princes. He is on his fairy steed, standing near the young ones, ready to monitor.
Sao is gloomy and fears that WonPil is going to suck, as always, and bring shame on him. He hopes that nobody else there will associate him to their precious Prince. If there were somewhere to bet, he'd go for the Unseelie guy without second thoughts.

When the preparations are ready, Gwynn gives the go and the Princes start their competition, that's very difficult and dangerous.


As promised, when Sao is escorted back to Xhuanghen, he has been missing for only a few minutes which leaves his servants baffled. And he really was in the Court for hours, but he is thoughtful because of what he witnessed and the timing couldn't interest him less.
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Wangling "Your...worth? I would say it is priceless.
I'm not scared of a dog, what else can you do if you get attacked by one? Or if someone else gets attacked. Commander Qiu used to have bigger dogs than these to guard his home." He saw people getting devoured, but they were not the most balanced pets.
"How could it not influence...it was horrible and my heart went crazy during the whole vision."
He snorts slightly. "I can do better. I didn't plan anything, I only spoke what's on my mind." But he kneels before WonPil and takes his hand. "Will you marry me, even if I'm not worth?"
He lets him do and smiles slightly at the hug, liking it.
WonPil I saw... - he thinks, at his answer, preferring not to express himself on the matter.
"If they attack you first, that's a different thing. I don't think I need to tell you what to do, if that happens. Even if it's someone's dog, they can't expect a person to stand still and be devoured." Sword.
"I didn't mean in that sense. I meant being influenced negatively, as of getting the same ideas."
He looks down at TiHao when he knees and asks it that way. "I do." He had accepted already at the previous attempt, anyway. "I will marry you."
Wangling "Well, even if they attack his pet I shouldn't stand still. What could a fox do against such big dogs.
Oh shi...it was only me to misunderstand, as usual."
He makes a slight smile and stands up. "Let's organize it nicely, a bit at time. What season would you prefer?"
WonPil "I think that the best solution is to keep the fox away from the dogs, just to be sure. Even if they are well behaved, one can't know how things could develop, between animals."
He ponders. "Is there really a different among the seasons, up here? I guess that any time of the year would be fine."
Wangling "Shi. It shouldn't be a problem outside the Grand Temple but WonZi, you have to be careful.
Not up here but usually after ceremony there is celebration. We are not forced to celebrate here if we don't want to."