The Pirate

``Everything you're running away from is in your head``
Name: Adrie (Aid-dre) Renshaw
Alias/Nickname(s): Ri
Age: 24
Height: 5'5
Weight: 113.9 lbs
Eye Color(s): Brown
Hair Color(s): Black
Hair Style(s): Mid-back, extremely curly; Half-bun; Ponytail
Species: Human
Language(s): English and Spanish
Voice: She sounds a lot like Rihanna
Occupation: Pirate/Thief
D.O.B: January 6th
P.O.B: Unknown
Theme Song:
``Bad decisions make good stories``
Physical Illness(s): N/A
Mental Illness(s): N/A
Allergy(ies): As a joke, she claims she's "Allergic to stupid people and bullsh*t"
``I see humans, but no humanity``
Adrie's parents were pirates, and all her ancestors were as well. For as long as she can remember, she was sailing the seas with her family, stealing from the rich and the poor, fighting those who stood in their way and being free. It was a life she loved, and one she wished to live forever. But not every story is a happy one...

When she was fifteen, Adrie's parents ship had been attacked, it was a terrible fight, killing about half the crew members... including her two brothers and her best friend. The ship was wrecked, and they lost everything. The crew had gotten into multiple fights, blaming each other for the loss of the ship and all the things they had stolen.
Adrie got so tired of all this, and living like this, she ran off. For a few years, Adrie was just some thief, a very skilled one at that. Until she brought up enough money to buy a ship of her own. Adrie got back into the pirate life, started her own crew and became a well known pirate. Her crew was, and still is, entirely women. It's not that she doesn't allow men into her crew, it's just that so far, none have succeeded to make it into her crew. They either die trying to impress her, or just fail overall.
She and her crew were wanted for a lot of things. Stealing, killing, illegal sailing and more... but they always got away.

Adrie was happy with her life, sailing the seas once more with what most of the world knew as 'the deadliest group of women, to ever sail the seas' Some claim her a villain, some claim her a hero, it depends on who you are.

Adrie has saved towns and people, and killed towns and people. She doesn't want to be a villain, but sometimes she just ends up being one. Truly, she never saw her life turning out like this... y'know, going back and forth between good and evil, sailing the seas without her family, being wanted for more then just stealing and everything that has happened to her. But she wouldn't change it for the world.
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