the rules of the game

- i am not here to write your smut fantasies. if it fits into the story later on then that's completely fine. Sherlock is not somebody to just sleep with somebody for the sake of sleeping with them.

-i play sherlock as bisexual with a faint male lean. i also play sherlock as submissive in nature (assuming anybody could get in bed with him.) i understand there are plenty of other people who probably play him as different but this is how i portray him.

-please have some literacy. i tend to use text talk with ooc chat but i am completely literate when we get down to writing.

-we both reserve the right to say no to a plot idea. if you do not like it, don't be afraid to let me know! i am more than understanding when it comes to not enjoying a plot.

-that being said, if you ever want to change our plot, just let me know!

-i am a full time student with a full time job. i may not always be here to answer as quickly as you would like. i would appreciate if you have a little patience with me.

-sherlock involves topics that might be triggering to some: drug usage, ptsd, etc etc. if that is something that bothers you just let me know!

-i will only be playing as sherlock on this account.

-please, a little respect can get you a long way.


I know these seem harsh but they are much needed. If you are interested in a story, like these and send me a message! I don't bite!
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8 | May 4th 2021 13:37