The Assassin

``We are the kids our parents warned us about``
Name: Kiyomi (Key-oh-me) Hiko
Alias/Nickname(s): KiKi; Yomi
Age: 18-22
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105.5 lbs
Eye Color(s): Brown (Normal); Bright teal when using power
Hair Color(s): Black with blonde streaks on bangs, and tips of hair (Dyed) Naturally black
Hair Style(s): Little past shoulders, straight with bangs; Ponytail with bangs hanging down; Space buns with bangs hanging down; Curled
Species: Gifted Human
Language(s): English and Japanese
Voice: Quiet with a mild Japanese accent
Occupation: Assassin
D.O.B: October 31st, 1999-2003
P.O.B: Tokyo, Japan
Theme Song:
``We blame society, but we are society``
Physical Illness(s): N/A
Mental Illness(s): Mildly-Insane?
Allergy(ies): N/A
``I kill people I like. Why? To take them out of this disgusting and f***ed up world, and put them somewhere kind and clean.``
Kiyomi never knew her birth parents, they had thrown her into an orphanage soon after she was born. She grew up in a terrible orphanage, becoming a rude and tempered child. She would often harm the other kids there, enjoying seeing them in pain. Everyone was scared of her, even the orphanage owners. Therefore, she had never been adopted, or even put into a foster home. Eventually, Kiyomi had scared so many people, they put her into a different orphanage. But this one wasn't scared of how much she enjoyed inflicting pain, and how good she was at it.... they actually helped her become better at harming others.

It wasn't an orphanage, it was an assassin training camp. Kiyomi was trained there, becoming one of their best students. She had even managed to kill one of her teachers, and though it wasn't supposed to happen, she was praised for it. Kiyomi felt at home there, she had made friends, been raised by people she could relate to, and got to do what she loved most.... kill. You'd think it's twisted, and it is.

At age ten, the camp had been attacked by a large team of elder assassins that wanted to get rid of their rival assassin group. Most of Kiyomi's friends and mentors had died, and only her and a few others escaped. Kiyomi was pissed... and waited two years before she found the group of assassins that ruined her life, and went to kill them. She was struggling at first, and nearly died... until some wonderous happened.
She touched one of the assassins, and her eyes began glowing a bright teal... a teal mist coming out of them. The same thing happened with the assassin she touched... and suddenly, she had complete control over his body. Kiyomi quickly adapted to this new power, using it to kill all of them. She later learned it was a possession power. Oh how powerful this twelve year old was...

For years, she went around killing random people, joined a few assassin groups and just kept killing. It made her happy, made her feel free. Sometimes her kills would have motives, other times, they wouldn't. At age 17, she was alone and went on a massive kill run. Unfortunately, she'd been caught. Instead of being killed herself, she was put into an insane asylum. For two years, Kiyomi was kept there... chained up so she couldn't use her ability. She went mad, completely mad. One day, Kiyomi found a way out of the chains... and killed them all. All of the other patients there, all of the doctors and everyone else who drove her mad. Now, she simply roams the streets again, killing over and over...
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