The Apocalypse Survivor

``And remember that bad times, are just times that are bad``
Name: Jen Harlow
Alias/Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 24
Height: 5'5
Weight: 121.8 lbs
Eye Color(s): Brown
Hair Color(s): Black
Hair Style(s): Shoulder lengths and straight; Ponytail; Half-up Half-down
Species: Human
Language(s): English
Voice: Gentle and toneless
Occupation: N/A
D.O.B: August 23rd, 2076
P.O.B: Seattle, Washington
Theme Song:
``I am not who I was a year ago, and that brings me so much peace``
Physical Illness(s): N/A
Mental Illness(s): N/A
Allergy(ies): Tree and Flower Pollen
``I choose to play stupid, but trust me, I know everything you think I don't``
The apocalypse had started, and the majority of the human race had been wiped out or turned into well... zombies. Most of the survivors had managed to create smaller cities that were kept inside of walls, where they managed to survive for years. Jen was born into one of these cities, near the remains of Seattle, Washington. Her father had died before she was born, while traveling outside the walls with a group of other survivors for food. Jen was raised by her mother until she was about six, until the city she lived in was attacked by another group of survivors who were in need of food.
Jen was taken by this group of survivors as a prisoner, though she was only six, and had been dragged along with this small group of people. There were about eight of them, including Jen, and this group just traveled around Seattle... killing zombies and other survivors that got in their way. Jen was trained by this group, learning to fend for herself and survive in this messed up world.

One day, while her and another member from the group were out collecting food and supplies, they had been attacked. The member that went along with her was killed, and when Jen ran back to the area the rest of the group was, she found them all dead. Jen knew not what killed them, but she was now alone. Having been trained for years on how to survive, she grabbed everything she needed and ran. A ten year old girl, alone in a world full of brain eating monsters.

Jen went a year on her own, before she found an abandoned building in Idaho... She ran inside to look for food or supplies, but instead, found a young boy. He was alone, and about five years old. She took him with her, and over the span of two years, she had managed to teach this helpless boy how to survive in this world. Jen saw him as a little brother, and did everything to protect him.
One day, while the two were traveling, a large crowd of zombies had attacked. Jen and the little boy, Ollie, weren't prepared. Jen had gotten hurt terribly, and was barely alive, until Ollie made a move Jen regretted allowing him to do. Right before a zombie had been able to reach Jen, Ollie jumped on-top of it since he had no weapons on hand. The little fight didn't last long, before Ollie had been killed. During that time though, Jen had managed to crawl away and keep her life.

She was alone again. After healing, Jen began traveling again. She was alone for another six years... surprised she had even lived this long. She was found by another group of people, and stuck with them for a year, until she was twenty. That's when Jen found out they were actually just trying to kill her because she was 'to strong'... so Jen killed them.

Alone again... Jen roamed the world for another four years, now twenty-four, just trying to survive... and hope the world will one day go back to normal.
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