Julie (Human)

Name: Julie Chang

Age: 18-23

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Type: For realistic roleplays. She can be student, office worker, senpai, work at a club, can be vampire

Personality: Julie is your average girl next door type. She's kind, friendly, loving, polite. She can occasionally be a flirt but not often, usually just waits for others to flirt with her. She's pretty smart, and a hard worker. She likes to give people second chances. Creative and artsy. Kind of a hoe though polite

Looks: constantly dying hair but usually brown or purple, medium breasts, nice butt, tall

Other: Has a huge thing for authority type figures. Enjoys pretending to be clueless so a teacher can teach her... imgur.com/a/acGTcgZ Can be a maid, always eager to please her mistress imgur.com/a/Jrp8Cme
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