Bio: wrench

(this is not a cannon bio, it'll have bits a pieces similar to wrench but this is my how version of him)

Name: wrench
Full name: Xavier chase
Age: 17-21
Occupation: vigilante/hacker
Height 6'1

Bio: Xavier is the younger brother of Reginald chase, his older brother who was a known member of DEDSEC, like his older brother Xavier still fights corruption although his methods aren't nearly as subtle as hacking, he's trained in hand to hand combat and in all sorts of firearms making him a deadly resource, recently he's taken his skills to the streets, not just fighting against corruption in the big name economy and government but also in the streets and turfs own by gangs, with his brother dead and no other family left, he has a nothing to lose mindset which isn't just dangerous for other people, it's very dangerous for himself
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