The Obsessed Goblin

~ Flavour Text ~

The short being was fumbling around with a bundle of cloth, within was many stolen items from the village. She hummed happily, a long thin tail with a fluffy end swaying behind her. "Shiny shinies and food. A good days find."

~ Bio ~

Name: 'Amy Baxter' Came up with the name when looking between a board game and an old bookstore sign.
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Position: Sub

~ Body information ~

Height: 4'0"
Weight: 94lbs
Body Shape: Heavy pear-shaped figure
Impairments: None
Birthmarks/scars: Multiple, mostly scratches and grazes either from arrows or blades
Tattoos: None but wants one

~ Mental information ~

Personality traits: Shy, skittish, quirky
If they like you: She'll show her collection and maybe let you pick something out.
If they hate you: She'll likely hiss at you and run away.
Impairments: Obsessed with human objects.
Habits: Stealing things, talking to herself, coming up with stories of where the items came from or what they were used for.

~ Background ~

Amy was born at a time of great rage, as a tot she vaguely remembers her burning village... her mother slaughtered, her father barely getting them to safety. It was the time of humans, they spread their influence and those who did not bow would be buried under their heels.

Amy and her Father were forced underground to avoid their attack. They lived in a burrow like animals, her father would go out to find scraps and items to entertain his child. This sprouted the infatuation with human paraphernalia. So much so that when she was old enough she would sneak out to steal items for herself... though one day upon returning to the burrow her Father did not return. She waited for many moons but he was nowhere to be seen. She began to forage for herself, also making time to steal human items in the process. Especially likes to take human clothes despite them being oversized.

~ Currently Active with ~

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