It's the 'speak to WuXin week' and everyone has something to tell him :v
But unlike WonPil, he brings an homage made of crunchy shrimp chips.

After returning to Shiinden from the city, he heads straight to the Grand Temple with the paper bag containing the tasty snack, looking for WuXin in the rooms he usually spends more time into during the day.
It'll be a good occasion to discuss a couple of things, including organising about YooJin and RuYin's plan.
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1 | May 4th 2021 04:29
Dobermann He keeps his hand on his shoulder for some time, looking at him just to make sure he is more relaxed than before.
"You'll find out, I'm sure. I hope it is not something that could bring him serious let me know if there are news.
You are right. Does he remember if he has always been like this or not? I'll make researches about this issue in the Grand Temple.
Let's leave the cause for now, it'd take too long. Find a way to keep him stable and tell me if you need help.
Actually I had someone in mind but now that you told me about his issue, I'm more doubtful than before. Would YooJin be suitable for the mission?" He looks very unsure.
LaNii He is. Sometimes he just gets a little sensitive when it comes of their children.
"I'll keep you updated. In the current state, he doesn't seem to have major difficulties, he even survived some very serious injuries to what I saw. But still, I wouldn't say he is suitable for fighting, overall."
He sighs. "He said that he isn't sure, but that at one point in his childhood, he was terribly ill for some days. But still, that doesn't tell me anything enough."
He ponders for some time. "Why not? He only has to approach and be friendly with him, ani? I mean, he has been a prostitute regardless his condition, he must know a thing or two. Besides, we can organise the matter so that we will be close and ready to intervene in no time, should things get dangerous."
Dobermann "It is alright. As Knight of Beauty, he shouldn't have issues with it. He won't be looking for fights, rather love with everyone..." He hopes there won't be another prostitute appearing in the House of Peacock. "He doesn't look particularly interested in Shiinden but outside, he has nothing. I have to allow him to live here safely. Plus, his friend is forced to learn here, hopefully he'll want to find out more about his element too.
He told you the syntomps? He is clueless what kind of illness it was?
You think it is the case? I want to summon YooJin here first and discuss it with him. It makes me anxious, so we have to think about every little detail...we also need to reward him."
LaNii "Hopefully he understood well that there is no place for that kind of activities here. Seen where he has been living before, he should be motivated enough to behave in order to not have to return to his old life." YooJin is less passionate about his 'job' than they think.
"Maybe his friend knows something about what happened to him, they seem... really close. Probably more than friends." But not at the level of stepbrothers with benefits.
"By what he said, probably high fever. Which is strange enough, unless under the effect of a really widespread infection, but in that case, I would doubt he'd be still here." Without antibiotics.
"I think that we can handle the matter perfectly, regardless its dangerousness. You could monitor what they do, I'll be right outside, one ring to my phone and I'll burst in. Try not to make him too anxious though!"
Dobermann "We'll take care of him from now on. Once here, they become part of the family and he doesn't seem to have ill intentions unlike someone else..." Talking about RuYin. "YooJin can stay as long as he needs.
You mean Wu Fei? are right, he could..." He is not comfortable to summon and talk to him though. He is obviously uneasy and nervous, just at the thought.
He looks at LaNi then down. "I'm thinking about something but wouldn't it be crazy..? The Plague. We know it can hit auriold, but he shouldn't be still here if he had it unless they used a method we don't know to block it.
I surely would. I won't make him anxious but he has to know he needs to be more than careful."