Likes and dislikes.

- Meat, crazy in love;
- Motors;
- Motorbikes;
- Races (he only watches but would like racing himself);
- Expensive accessories and helmet;
- Boys (gay, but he has never found the courage to reveal it to any family member or friend);
- MX, Xiao Zhan, Block B, Stray Kids, Jay Park, Zelo;
- Swearing (he completely stopped believing in God regardless his mother is very devoted);
- Using old, rich men to get their gifts (even acting like their toyboy, but this part belongs to the dislikes);
- Being a bottom (he tried being top but didn't like it);
- Alcohol;

- Cooking (because of their restaurant's situation but he is decent at it);
- Delivering and anything related to the family restaurant;
- Fish and vegetables;
- His own old things, clothes and motorbike;
- Studying (he often doesn't go to school, his situation is tragic and it doesn't help with his parents' relationship at home);
- Classic music;
- Drugs (he happened to smoke weed but got caught by police and punished twice, by his father too);
- Arguments between others (he has to leave and hide);
- Getting scolded for every little thing (as it happens too often at home);
- Staying at home;

- Height, due to a shocking fall when he was 4.;
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JiuZhu "He should add 'ShengHuo Sect' to the list of dislikes..."