OC- Aria Valentine (Fantasy setting)

Race: Dragonoid mutant

Age: 24

Personality: Despite being incredibly intelligent, Aria enjoys playing dumb in order to slack off. However, it only truly works on people who don't fully know her yet. She is quite bubbly and enjoys being around other people. Despite her ferocious appearance, it's quite easy for her to get along with most people she encounters. Because most people tend to avoid her due to her appearance, she is fiercely protective of any friend she may acquire.

History: Cast out by her tribe at a young age due to her appearance, Aria spent most of her life travelling by herself. As a child, this would often land her in dangerous situations that almost costed her life. However, she eventually managed to overcome each obstacle put her way and grow into a rather powerful adventurer. Currently, she drifts between towns performing whatever work she can get.

Powers/abilities: superhuman reflexes/strength, acidic saliva, “dragon’s breath” as she calls it, night vision, talons and tail blade that can rip through steel, extreme metabolism that allows her to eat practically anything along with regeneration. She also has a crystal earring that allows her to use disguise magic to hide among humans.
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