Bio: Reaper

Full name: unknown/will be revealed through the rp

Occupation: demon who claims souls

Personality: borderline sociopath, lacks empathy, hard to talk too, not very approachable

Backstory: When ****** was in high school his house was raided and robbed with his sisters Alexis and brooke the three siblings were murdered in cold blood, the trio who all became reapers are on the hunt for their killers, Alexis and Brooke kept ****** in check but when he goes on his own back to his old down and his old school undercover without telling them he has no one to keep him in check, before he was killed, ****** was a popular guy, very well liked, and got alone with everyone, while people are shocked to see him alive, they try to push him back to the top of the social high Archy, he's managed to keep his charm and he's a damn good actor, but he can't feel a thing, no remorse, no joy, nothing, until he meets you
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