; i hc albedo as autistic.
; he often finds relationships taxing mentally and often self-isolates to distance himself from people once a friendship starts to form. It's a bad habit of his.
; his special interest would be science/alchemy. though he often is unable to finish his experiments and often moves from one thing to another in the span of a few weeks.
; he masks when it comes to social situations, but he isn't the best at it as he gets frustrated on not picking up on social cues and can take things literally. So he tends to just not socialize at all.
; he stims, mainly it's touching soft textures or rubbing his hands together. he often does this while he thinks or if he needs to calm down.
; when it comes to food, he can be picky and textures of food matter a lot to him. he hates the texture of meat and often will mainly eat vegetarian meals. sweets like pasteries are a comfort food to him or safe food.

; he prefers staying in dragonspine as he enjoys the cold weather and the snow. He finds the atmosphere to be very pretty and relaxing.
; sucrose seems to be his only friend that he hasn't ghosted yet, but it's mainly because she's constantly worrying over him because of his lack of sleep or poor self-care habits.
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