Normally when I find plots on other users' profiles, I usually find their ideas so edgy it's either cringe, unflexible, or not even that telling of what they want.
My personal reason for now submiting my own plot idea is that, over the past year I have watched new users come to the site. and only ever did 2-3 profiles in the year, actually fulfill the criteria of what I am looking for.
With this entry, I hope to encourage more users like these to come forward.
But also, if you need help creating characters for these plots. I am more than willing to help you along the way, from name to culture, to background, to visual representations of the character. Just ask me!

General Information:

The following plots works in both a medieval-, modern-, and even sci-fi society. I will be playing either Toruna, but I am looking to pair him with animalistic characters, fantastical creatures, or even Non-humanoid organisms such as:
"Dragons", "Dire wolves", "Mythic Creatures", "Aliens" I do not mind if the other character is linked to a canon, or made on the fly. Feral or inteligent, we can all discuss the details before we start our roleplay.

Plot Ideas:

1. "Settling Our Differences"
Your character, or mine, is a messenger from our given nation, seeking to establish a better connection between our societies, the traveler is given shelter, tasks, and assigned a personal interpreter, and friend to make them feel safe and at home.
(Romance, comedy, slice-of-life themes)

2. "Dragonriders"
Toruna is paired with a dragon, the two are given a quest.
(Very action-adventure heavy and light romance themed)

- More to be added
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