Dr./Professor Mecha

Name- Dr. (Professor, Scientist) Mecha
Age- 20
Species- Human
Weapons- A metal sword that is covered with gold, two robots (Metal Sonic and Mecha Sonic) that help him in trouble and transform into a metal overlord, and a mecha overlord
Personality- Dislikes human and make robots for a living, trying to make a better world for mechas and robots, making humanity slaves for robots and for him.
Appearance-Handsome, white hair with black colors on the tips of the hair, techno glasses that he made to hack into systems, wears black and red clothes and black and red professors coat.
Backstory- Was born with his father since his mother die on child birth. raised in a small town with a huge factory in it. At the age of 10, kids treated him as a nerd and bullied most often. He learned how to build a robot and used it to help his father. At age of 15, he made his glasses to help him cheat on school homework and hack into systems. He was more handsome, but less nerdy and graduated from school and graduated from a university of mechanics. His father died when he was at the age of 20. His father trusted him to take over the factory and make a world a better place for robots. He build many factories to make a entire army filled with robots and helped him build a giant metal overlord and a mecha overlord to both make him control it and be invincible with it.

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