Angellica Phantom

FULL NAME: Angellica Rosary Phantom
MEANING: Given by her mother, she hates her full name, and would rather go
by Phantom.
NICKNAME: Phantom, Angellica
MEANING: Nickname that she decided on
AGE APPEARANCE: Earliy thirties
BIRTHDAY: February 14th, 1997
SPECIES: Meta human/Anti hero
GENDER: Female
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: She's bi with a high preference for Women
HAIR COLOR: Platinum blonde
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Shaggy pixie/undercut
EYES COLOR: Black/dark purple
WEIGHT: 152lbs
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Very pirate/steampunk/dressed up. Corsets, billowy pants, button ups, leather duster, etc.
+Ability to channel, call upon, and psychically link with spirits for info
+Ability to throw purple fire

BIO: Angellica's a hero. But she kills. That's all you need to know.
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