Rules of the Raven's Nest

1) As I stated in my bio, if you add me, you message first. Simple courtesy. If you do not message me within 1 week of me accepting your request, I will kindly unfriend you. I'm not here to bloat my friend list, i'm here to RP and write stories. Also, please don’t just say “hi.” At least give me a few sentences about why you added, what kind of rp you’re looking for, etc. I am a novella/multi para RPer, so if I just get “hi” to start with, I am going to assume you’re gonna just send me a bunch of one liners when the RP starts.

2) Again, reiterated from my bio, I only play OCs. I'll also use this point to note that I refuse to do slice of life. I rarely do Earth/modern settings anyways, but I can make exceptions for stuff with some form of magical/supernatural elements. I don't want to play John the lawyer and Wendy the barista meetcute, however. Unless John is secretly a devil, using his law firm to contract souls to hell, and Wendy the barista is a hunter who recently moved to the area and took up the job as cover while she hunts John, neither realizing the others' secret at first. THAT I could may be get behind lol. Not that specifically, but you get the idea.

3) Please be literate. My starters can match the prologue or sometimes even first chapter of a book. During combat and dialogue, I won't try to add artificial fluff just for the sake of having a longer reply, but I will try to provide at LEAST a paragraph of detail and info.

4) Mary Sues and Gary Stus can exit stage left. Give me someone interesting. Give me someone flawed. Give me someone that won't just end a fight in a single reply. If you have a skill, it's because you have honed and trained that skill over years. I am ok with younger characters being skilled, as prodigies exist, but they are rare and should not be the baseline. I personally will be making all of mine as Level 12 DnD Characters and using that to assist me. I won't be rolling or anything on my end to determine outcomes, just to provide a nice ceiling to the abilities and general power levels of my characters.

5) I will do er*t*ca, but it can't be the only thing. I would also prefer to keep anything like that with 18+ RPers. If you're not 18+, even if the characters are, I will still put a PG-13 limit on the RP. If you are 18+, I'm not here to get off, I'm here to write a cooperative story. I'll go to other, non RP sites on my own time for the former.

6) I'm not necessarily anti "love at first sight", but I also don't really like the idea. ESPECIALLY if the characters start off at odds with one another. The "I hated you when we met, but after a week of travel and you helping me once, I think I'm falling for you" trope is just not for me. Even without that, relationships and emotions take time to develop. Believe me, IRL I fall for someone way quicker than I should, so I know it happens. I just don't necessarily want to have characters be lovey dovey after like 2 replies.

7) At first, I don't mind if we just chat like normal, however, once the RP starts, please designate OOC talk with (( )). If you have OOC talk in the same message as RP, please put the OOC at the beginning of the message.

8) Please put in the same effort as me. If I send you character info that's 2 pages long, and you just send back "Hey, here's what they look like, this is their name, and uh, yeah, here's like one thing from their backstory", you have one more chance to send me a real character bio before I hit that unfriend button. I'm not saying you have to match me, just make sure effort is there.

9) Don't try to control my character. You may do minor things like have your character grab my character's hand and you may state intended actions, but do not speak or act for my character. This includes doing any actions without giving my character a proper chance to respond. You will not just plunge your sword into my character's side. My character, based on the situation, may dodge or the sword may hit armor. My character may also get stabbed, but that is not for you to decide. I will be fair with this and let negative things happen to my character, but that is the key. Those negative things are MY choice.

10) Another literate topic. Please make sure I can understand what you are saying. Grammar errors happen. Typos happen. However, if I cannot decipher what you mean, I will ask you to resend it legibly. If this occurs to much, I will step away from the RP.

11) I will only RP in existing universes if I know them. Wanna do adventures in Skyrim? Great. Wanna trek across Westeros? Fantastic! Wanna be Witchers and hunt monsters? I love it. I understand these examples and therefore can properly RP them. The only worlds I am willing to learn are original worlds. I extend this courtesy since if you choose to RP in mine, there is a lot to take in, and it wouldn't be fair to be unwilling to learn about yours.

12) I only do M x F. As a cishet male, if you are also male, you have to be really good for me to consider. One prime example is an old friend of mine from here, alphonsexcryotech. He is apparently no longer active, as I cannot find his page, but he is the one exception I've ever made to my "no dudes in 1 on 1s" rule.

13) Lastly, the final rule is to have fun! Please, if there is something hindering your enjoyment of the RP, let me know so we can discuss it. If you have boundaries, I will respect them. I am ok with very mature themes, but I know some may not be appropriate for certain people. Please just communicate to me if I have crossed any lines, as I assure it was accidental, and I'll do what I can to rectify it.
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