☓ rules ☓

please respect these rules if you ever want to RP with me, i only give out one warning and after that i start unfriending people.

#1 absolutely no one liners, it makes the rp boring and i'm not 12 anymore that responds with a line or two. please be detailed..

#2 if you get bored or tired of the rp, please let me know before unfriending me..

#3 18+ only! doesn't matter if it's romance with no smut included ..

#4 you add you need to message first! after 4 days, i will unfriend you if i haven't gotten a message ..

#5 don't control my characters! i don't control yours so i won't tolerate anyone controlling mine..

#6 i don't mind smut however please don't make it all about the rp..

more will be added later
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3 | Apr 8th 2021 00:33