Plot Idea: Damsel In Distress (Romance, Fantasy)

For many years, humanity was forced to fend for themselves without divine intervention. However, one day angels were sent to Earth to bring peace to the nations. Unfortunately, the angel sent to the United States (MC) and was forced to use her divine powers to fix issues. As all the other angels are left after their work, she was left behind and suddenly the United States took the most power. She looks into the future, and can give blessings to others. She also has some control over the flow of the world.

YC is a scientist hired to look at the angel, forced to become friends with the angel to get more information from her. They begin to befriend the angel, and over time the angel does begin to trust YC. However, the scientist begins to see the angel is kind and wants nothing more to help. Since she has been trapped, the scientists helps her escape and then goes on a trip to take her to Heaven's Gate to go home. YC finds more along the way, and so does the angel.

-Roles can be switched
-Can change the genre
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