Avandor (Alternative World)

This is a world that I have beenworking on for the better part of 3 years time.
I will not include all the details, as I would want to do much more with this planned setting, cormmercial use you see.

List of playability:
The choice of age affects how everybody would behave in these times.

(Unplayable) Age of Origin
(Unplayable) Age of Life
(Unplayable) Age of Power
(Unplayable) Age of War
_(Playable)_ Age of Tyranny
_(Playable)_ Age of Peace
_(Playable)_ Age of Extinction
_(Playable)_ Modern Age

The Age of Origin: (60.000 BtA - 30.000 BtA)

The age of Origin depicts the unrecorded history of how the world came to be. No living creature apart from algea had developed, There was only a sufisticated god-like species called the Ancients, and their Constructs that lived.

The Age of Life: (30.000 BtA - 12.500 BtA)

The Age of Life is a prosperous time for evolution, the Ancients shaped life as they pleased them, bringing the first batch of animals to the world, as well as they created Elves and Dragons, who soon competed to impress their creators.

The Age of Power (12.500 BtA - 5.000 BtA)

The first civilization formed at the begining of this chapter, primitic tools had been invented by the elves, dragons brought tradition, and the Ancients kept experimenting with life, bringing forth Kobolds, a humanoid dragon, and humans, who the first two kinds of cultures, would shun their creators for creating, a mockery of what they are, they said. However the Ancients continued their experimentation, ignoring the rest of the world.

The Age of War: (5.000 BtA - 300 BtA)

The age of war is the time of greed, of definiing what value was, morality and literature, Dragons closed themselves off fro mthe rest of the world, where their soon to be emperor ruled. Civilizations were forming, and wars became second nature.

The Age of Tyranny (300 BtA - 0)

The Age of Tyranny was a dire time, death was laying in the streets, buildings forever crushed, but the people survived, not because their leaders stopped, but because the Ancients had grown tired of their creations fighting agaisnt themselves, and demanded they would stop everything, or have their race erased off the face of the planet. The people still hates each others, but are forced ot live amongst each other.

The Age of Peace (0 - 250 AtA)

During the end of the prior age, a sneak attack was launched against the Ancients, a war agaisnt the gods that ended with all the magic of the world escaping into the dream realm, as the Ancients were brought down. Surprisingly enough, after their attack, the races of the world came together, the dragon soceity welcomed all, and nobody ever had to fear again.

The Extinction (250 - 1.600 AtA)

The Extinction followed a good year hunreds years after at what seemed out of nowhere, but there had been talks about who was the secondmost tyrannical nation, and dragonkin was deemed a threat that needed to be dealt with, just like the Ancients, causing both Envo and her Ctana to adapt to their new surrounding, going into hidding, learning of ways to disguise themselves in this newly evolving world.

The Modern day (1.600 AtA - 2.200)

Now that they mastered the arts of transformation, after thinking all magic in the world is gone. Ctana and Envo are weary of how much information they share of themselves, they know they no longer have to hide to avoid being witch hunted. But the sighting of a dragon could alert unwanted attention.
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