Everyone has this you add you message thing well the way I see it, if I add i will message you and you do the same.

Do not ever tell me how to role play or how to control my account .

Do not ever rape, kill or harm my character.

Do not ever go into my message and try to get Skylar to have sex with you she isn't like other girls at all.

Don't ever god mod my character or me at all or you will be blocked.

When Skylar is in a relationship she will be faithful to her man and only him she will never cheat on him whatsoever.

I will not be on 24/7 I do have a life on the outside of this site and I do have kids to take care of as well.

I love to make friends.

Would love to talk about plots for our characters as well.

Will add more when I think of anymore.
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0 | Apr 7th 2021 17:38