#ONE: homelife
   Langa's only time talking with his mom is during dinner,
   the rest of the day they are both working and in school.
   His mom often texts him memes, but he doesn't reply often.

   #TWO: texting
   He is not good with texts, he forgets to reply to people
   and he is s dry texter. The use of emojis is unexistent
   and he will sometimes mix up Japanese and English.

   #THREE: school
   He really doesn't bother much in school, his grades are
   average and he doesn't look for getting higher notes, the
   only class he is failing is math. He had given up completely
   on that one but his mom got him a tutor.

   #FOUR: writing
   His handwriting is horrible in both hiragana and common
   alphabet but he is surprisingly good at writing he could do
   an excellent essay if it wasn't for his orthography.

   #FIVE: love life
   He is popular with both ladies and some boys because of
   his looks, but they are driven away by his cold personality.
   He's attracted to men only, but he isn't really open about it.

   #SIX: autism
   Due to his autism, Langa tends to be underestimated. To
   deal with this he will go out and skate by himself or listen
   to music. He also has sensory issues when touching certain
   texture and with certain food, he likes to wear the same outfits
   and order the same food.

   #SIX: sleeping
   Langa tends to fall asleep whenever he is tired, even if he
   falls asleep quickly, he still wakes up with any little noise
   around him. It's hard for him to stay asleep so he's usually
   awake during night and takes small naps during the day.

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